Honeymoon Destinations For Ridiculously Low Prices

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As SOME of you may know, my wife travels a lot for work. Like ALL of us…she likes to travel for much needed vacations .

Here recently, Ro-an (my wifey poo) went to book a trip to Las Vegas, for her parents wedding anniversary.  She went to all the popular websites to seek the best price and value with travel, hotel and rental car.

At dinner, I asked how her day was and how the trip planning was going, she replied…. I’m frustrated, mad¬† and pissed off.¬† I have looked everywhere . Nothing was available and the 4 star hotels that were available, wanted 4 times as much money. Keep in mind, it was three weeks before a holiday.

At this point I offered my help.  I have been blessed to have a pretty big network of friends, so i reached out to a buddy that i know  that belongs to a travel club.

To make¬† a short story¬† longer…

I ended up signing up for this travel club.¬† and now… my lady thinks I am¬† the best husband ever !¬† I have been trying to tell her that for years ūüôā

Thanks to the travel club and me being the best hubby ever… She¬† ¬† ended up booking the premium package at the West-gate hotel and casino in Las Vegas for half the price. Popular sites¬† wanted over $300 for the premium package . thanks to this travel idea , she got a room with many accommodations for $154.00 ( 4 star )

I was so impressed with this , that I decided to become a rep and share this club with others . If you are planning a honeymoon, vacation, or any kind of dream trip. contact me, I will take you out for a coffee and fill you in on how you  can take dream vacations  for ridiculously low prices

Travel Package Rep & Plan B Specialist   kencwelch11717@gmail.com                                                                                        520 260 -5085

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